Richard’s Collaborators

Arctic Monkeys

Its been great working with the lads. Alex came up with us all covering ‘Bad Woman’ on their ‘Teddy Picker’single and then in November ’11 we got together in Ross Orton’s studio in Sheffield and wrote and recorded ‘You and I’ for the B side of ‘Black Treacle’ released Jan ’12.

Lisa Marie Presley

I have recently been writing with Lisa Marie and she did me the honour of appearing with us at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London. We played one of the songs we had written together; ‘Weary’. I’m hoping we work more together in future.


I first met Guy Garvey shortly before boarding a plane to Nashville to play a concert together in Lynchburg,Tennessee.A very odd first meeting you might say,its a long way to sit next to someone on a long haul flight if you haven’t anything in common but we got on immediately and soon discovered a shared love of manipulating the English language for amusing diversion and writing,music,alcohol and battleships…… almost perfect combination……………The journey passed swiftly and a lot of laughter was had,the gig was very successful and Guy suggested writing a duet together on the way home which eventually became”The Fix”that was included on their Seldom seen kid”album which i think is an astonishing work of real beauty.I first met the other members of the band on the day we sang the duet for the first time,it was all done and dusted in one or maybe two takes as i recall,Pete,Craig,Mark and Richard(Jup)are really boss gents and an immense band to work with,very humble about it all which is so rare to see onstage and off.It gave me great pleasure to watch that album and the band ascend to such incredible heights that are so justly deserved.It is a similar story i suppose to Pulp…..long lasting wait till success finally landed,great great band,brilliantly inspired music with a truly great and truly unique English lyricist………but they are their own original band of brothers that i am so honoured to be a small part of,top lads everyone

Jarvis Cocker

I suppose it is well documented what Jarvis and me have done together over the years,but i have to say it’s never boring it is always interesting.He is an amazingly talented bloke and thinks about music,art and life in general like no other human being i have ever met.He is totally unique and one of the greatest song writers,lyricists and live performers this country has ever known as well as having a great radio show too now.We’ve known each other for a very long time but it doesn’t feel like it,i don’t recall ever having a cross word with him in all those years as well…….A quick list of stuff we’ve done together wouldn’t be quick at all and would have some weird and wonderful twists and turns.I always look forward to seeing him or working with him………..he also has the ability to make a cat laugh he is immensely funny and a solid lifelong friend……………..nuff

Echo And The Bunnymen

I recently played guitar with The Bunnymen at Sheffield Tramlines festival – a complete privilege to play a cover of the Velvet Undergrounds classic ‘i’m waiting for my man’

Billy Bragg

Me and Billy played together on a Radio 2 show about skiffle a few years back. It was a lot of fun and if i remember rightly Billy played venitian blinds on an old Ken Colyer tune.


A great “lost” Sheffield band I produced a few years ago. I really believed in the band and they didn’t get the success they deserved. I also played some memorable shows with them. Tom and Bailey went on to form The Hosts who I am still working with and I expect great things of that band.

Chicken Legs Weaver

Again, another great band from Sheffield I’ve had the pleasure of producing a handful of tracks with. Andy Weaver and co were really great, it’s a shame they are no longer together. We shared a love of roots music, which is a deep life-long passion.

Natalie Imbruglia

I worked on one track for her with Nellie Hooper whom I used to do loads of session work for – to my shame I don’t recall much about it I’m afraid.

Robbie Williams

I co-wrote Mr Clean on Robbies’  first album.

Add N to X

I played on a few tracks on their last album. It came about from working with Jarvis on the Relaxed Muscle project as Steve Claydon was in both bands and invited me to play. I think we did the recording really quickly in Jarvis’s basement – good man is our Steve.

Shirley Bassey

I wrote a song for her on her latest album called “After The Rain”. I was asked by her producer David Arnold to contribute a song, it was of course a great thrill. I love her version. I met her and david at a private playback of the album with all the contributing writers present. At the end of 2009 i got to play with her at the Electric Proms at The Roundhouse. London

Tony Christie

Tony is a Sheffield legend, I was approached by him and his son to produce a cover of my song “Coles Corner”. I suggested doing a whole album with Sheffield song writers past and present and call it “Made In Sheffield.” We did the album in Yellowarch studios where I do most of my work with co-producer and good pal Colin Elliot. It was a real challenge to do that record and I’m very proud of it. Tony’s professionalism, charm and easy nature was something I learned a lot from and his voice is of course a wondrous thing to listen to.

Bob Lind

One of the best song writers of all time in my opinion – a massive influence on me. I did a gig in London with him just playing back up guitar and it was one of the highlights of my life to stand on stage with the great man.

The Hosts

A sheffield band I have produced who show great promise – watch this space.

A Girl Called Eddy

Erin Moran is a great great writer and singer. This is one my favourite albums I’ve ever produced along with my Friend Colin Elliot. To my great regret it didn’t sell too well. But, it’s never-the-less a lost classic that I hope will see the light one day, I wish her well.

Camera Obscura

I am a great fan of this Scottish group, they’re both great live and on record. I did a remix for them and they did a really nice cover of my song ‘Nights Are Cold’ on an EP.

Jools Holland

I have enjoyed Jools’ friendship for over twenty years on and off, he’s a great bloke and a brilliant musician. I’ve played live with him and his fantastic band and recorded a version of the Hank Williams song “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. It was a boss experience, he’s a very endearing and often very funny man. I recall many an evening playing with him after hours round his house or at a hotel and we regale each other with stories from our pasts, usually resulting in uproarious laughter. I did a memorable radio show with him too as I recall.

All Saints

I just played guitar on this Nellie Hooper produced track, I don’t think I ever got to meet the group, it’s a very vague event. However, Nellie was always great to work with, I like the man very much – I always learned something with him.

Perry Farrell

Again a Nellie Hooper produced session I have only vague memories of.


I only did some vocals on their latest record on one track, but Mark Lannigan is a talent I greatly admire and I look forward to spending some time in the great man’s company one day.

Frank Black

My first ever solo shows were supporting Frank Black and the Catholics I remember being very nervous, even terrified actually, with just me and my guitar playing to all these hardcore punks and surf kids. Yet, Charles and his band were so supportive at that time I will never forget that, I got to play with him and Guy Garvey in Nashville as part of the JD event – a really amazing human being and a man that just oozes genius, (a term that gets over used but not in his case). Time in his company is always a pleasure.

Sophie Solomon

I sang a vocal on her album which was produced by my old friends Kevin Bacon and Jonathan Quarmby at Rak Studios in London. Sophie is an amazing talented woman and i enjoyed that session very much and I’m proud of that vocal too. Again, a learning experience highly valued by myself.

Hank Marvin

I recorded a song called I’m Absolutely Hank Marvin and really wanted Hank to play the solo on it. We tracked him down via his manager and he recorded it where he lives in Australia. I talked to him on the phone. He was a real gentleman and his playing on the track is incredible.

Nancy Sinatra

Working with Nancy came about because Jarvis was asked to write some songs for her – two in fact, for her last album. He called me and wondered if I would like to come along to co-produce and play on them, I jumped at the chance and we both flew out to New York to do the sessions. Must admit i was nervous, but soon found out I had no reason to be as Nancy is one of the most lovely and genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She is a massive talent and still has a great, unique voice. We got on immediately and started a friendship that still lasts today, she asked me to support her on her European tour as a solo artist which I enjoyed immensely. She aslso asked me to get up with her band and duet with her every night, which is a memory I will cherish for all my time. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve met and is generous to a fault, Nancy made my children a snowman out of hat boxes filled with sweets. Made herself and posted to our family home I was amazed by and obviously the kids were thrilled too, a truly lovely woman.

Baxter Dury

I can’t remember how we met but I ended up producing a few things with Baxter that never saw the light of day. But, a few years later he called me for guitar duties on a track on his first album. He is a strong writer with a unique approach to music and i enjoy his company and friendship very much – he could make a cat laugh.

The Pastels

I did some guitar on one song of theirs for a film, Jarvis sang it as i recall. They’re one of my favourite bands ever to have come out of Scotland.

Paul Weller

I have played with Paul a couple of times and its always a huge honour and a good laugh. He asked me to remix a couple of songs which was a great experience and i’m really proud he used the mix of ‘Andromeda’ on his ‘Wake Up The Nation’ album.


I met Oceana on a great French TV show called Taratata. They asked us to do a duet and although our styles are pretty different we found a way to do something we both like. I did Elvis’ ‘Crawfish’ and she did Britney’s ‘Hit me baby one more time’. Mad. You can see it on

Duane Eddy

Working with Duane was a lifetime ambition i have only dreamed about till now.To meet Duane once for ten minutes would have been enough but to actually share a whole month+ with him in Sheffield was to see that dream come true.I travelled,played live on several occasions,produced and wrote with him and shared some of the greatest times with him i think I’ve ever had.His stories alone are incredible,and he tells them so humbly and with good grace and of course a shared sense of humour.We would sit around when not busy and just chat and play our guitars at our ease in each others company.He has NO side to him as my father would say,he’s a kind and generous man to a fault.The album he,I and my band have made is done now and i must say i am very proud of it,he and his wife also fell in love with Sheffield and the Peak district which was a lovely and genuine thing to watch,he is back in the states now and we all miss him and his wife very much,to have played with a man who was one of the founding fathers of so much we take for granted these days was one the biggest honours of my entire life and i will never forget it……..but there will be more just watch this space

Lisa Hannighan

I only met Lisa the night before we played together recently at an event in Dingle in south west Ireland called Other voices that I’ve been performing at for the last three years which is a wonderful thing to be involved in.Every time i have been there it has been a remarkable time for all concerned and singing with Lisa was exactly that,she has a voice that is a gift not just to herself but also to all who have the good fortune to hear her sing,i would like to do some more music with her one of these days